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06 February 2010 @ 10:02 pm
this semester i'm taking a primate behavior and ecology class. i'm really excited, because among other things, i'm into science. i'm fascinated by the systematic dissection of something that i find miraculous. of course i want to be a part of it. of course that's what i want my life to be. schooling is so slow, and difficult for me. but i'm slowly plodding down this path, plotting a course for what might be my future, my "career," if i were to take that liberty.

erasmus darwin (charles' grandfather) wrote the most beautiful poetry, about evolution. can i be him? will he guide me?
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miss mary sorry kari lynn
17 May 2009 @ 09:36 pm
yesterday i was all excited to go to the zoo. except i totally had an ear infection. we ended up having to cut short our trip toward the polar bears (though i did feed a giraffe) because i had to go to the doctor. i haven't really been completely conscious since.

my ear is almost swollen shut and i can't really open my mouth or chew. i think i briefly od'd on vicodin. i did puke. who wants to eat anyway?

it sucks. my ear. ow.
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miss mary sorry kari lynn
15 May 2009 @ 01:35 am
every so often bloggers, journalers, and internet users get the urge to splurge! i wish there was a word for "urge" that rhymed with "blog" because that would be perfect. too perfect. in these times, we say to ourselves "oh, i remember that one site i had... it's so BLAH." it really isn't blah. i like the design too much to change it, but maybe it is bogged down with too much PAST, and i'm prone to, like, reinventing myself, and looking at my memories from a very "here and now" perspective, which can get muddled when clogged up with too much preserved in-that-moment musings.

maybe it's because i get bored easily, crave change to an unhealthy degree, or have some kind of residual teen identity crisis (a likely story, MOM). in this particular instance, i have decided to fight the urge, and just update my regular old livejournal that's been neglected for months at a time too many times for it to remember.

what has been going on? really, not that much. there have been job changes, yea, but nothing worth writing much about. mostly i was hibernating, being antisocial, as i do sometimes. there was a big part of me that was scared to face the internet, because i know my boo is pretty popular, and if i am on here then people will start asking me questions. i'm a blabbermouth- he isn't. i don't want to say anything on one of these things that might make him uncomfortable or expose some part of him he'd rather keep out of the public eye. so for a while it seemed better (and pretty easy, really) to just stick close to home. but i think i can handle it now. so yay!

more recently, i have been worrrrrrrrkin. i have had a few insane photoshop projects, and not that long ago my computer crashed, so i had to reformat and get new programs. but wow, a few projects are done, and hopefully soon they'll be available, so you don't have to be like "wtf are you talking about?" i'm feeling really creative and proactive and stuff. i'm in a really positive momentum.

i've been playing soul calibur 4. i'm not as good at it as i am at tekken, or maybe i just need the arcade style controller. what a gaming snob, right?? i want to go to nerdapalooza really bad. but first, i need to clean my room. and take some pictures.
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11 May 2006 @ 02:21 am
i'm so glad that suburbia is getting so pissed at "the illegals draining our economy!!" it is the perfect irony. that same housewife of a history teacher who gets all steamy for mel gibson in "the patriot" and might as well hiss and spit at daniel day-lewis in "gangs of new york" is now claiming the title: native. and proliferating taxation without representation. and pretending america is anything but a line on a map, and that being born 60 miles south means you will never be able to step foot on our land, instead you will live in a room made of scrap metal selling chiclets and cheap pottery.

oh america, this is the price of your young, idealistic rebellion. the world you fashioned for yourself is crumbling all around you. no turning back.
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